Class Notes

Training the next generation of world-class physicians

Dr Alex Lee (Medicine, 2020)

Dr Alex Lee (Medicine, 2020) has joined the Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) as Cohort Director. In this exciting role, Dr Lee will provide academic, practical and pastoral support to HLA scholars (exceptional applicants across the medical, nursing and allied health professions), with contact sessions in places such as Newcastle, London and Bristol, as they become the next generation of world-class leaders.

Discussing the position, Dr Lee shared: ‘Having been involved with the Newcastle cohort, and now this year’s London cohort, I feel honoured and fortunate to work with such a talented and diverse group of individuals.’

The journey for Dr Lee has not been easy, and he has had to overcome challenges. One example of such hardship is Dr Lee’s experience with racism, when a patient refused to be treated by him due to his Chinese ethnicity. Thankfully, senior staff were supportive and showed zero tolerance for the patient’s behaviour.

Before starting a career in medicine, Dr Lee – possessing a first-class degree in Law – worked as a legal representative and influenced policies such as the 2019 NHS Long Term Plan. After receiving his medical degree from King’s, Dr Lee became a trainee doctor representative at the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust.