Class Notes

A proud priest’s life post-King’s

Revd Ron Ingamells (Theology, 1956)

‘Retired’ Reverend Ingamells (Theology, 1956) celebrates 65 years of priesthood this year. For Class Notes, he shares where his work has taken him since leaving King’s.

‘After 65 years as an Anglican priest, I am so grateful for the time I had at King’s (1953–56) and the one year at St Boniface College, Warminster. This final year was of tremendous help in preparing for ministry. During my time, Theology at King’s had some of the leading theologians of the day and, with the Dean Eric Symes Abbott (1945–55), made an impressive team.

‘My curacy was with another King’s priest (Thorley Roe) in Leeds before moving to Great Yarmouth. My life took a surprising and important turn when the Bishop of Norwich asked me to be the first full-time Diocesan Youth Officer. Although maintaining a close link with parish life, I specialised in youth and social work.

‘This was an exciting time in these areas with experimental work and new initiatives. I was involved with and started some voluntary organisations and worked closely with the statutory Youth and Community Service. I also organised many exchange groups with Germany and other Eastern European countries.

‘Involvement with the Norwich Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) led to an invitation to be the Christian Education and Training Officer of the YMCA National Council and a move to Welwyn Garden City, where I had a small parish as well as the full-time YMCA appointment. The YMCA is international and so I visited many European countries and organised international youth events in England. After the post at the National Council was closed, I was invited to be the YMCA Consultant to the recovering Romanian YMCA following the revolution in 1989. This meant 24 visits to Romania.

‘I have had many visits to the “Land called Holy”, recognising so often the suffering of the Palestinian people.

‘In 2002, my wife, Janet Ingamells (History, 1956) and I ‘retired’ to Buckden near Huntingdon. Then, after Janet’s death, I returned to Norfolk and remarried six years ago. During retirement, I have continued with taking services almost every week!

‘During my time at King’s, I played hockey for the College and captained the team in my second year and then an occasional game for the London University. I played until I was 60 and then started golf!

‘I continue to be very grateful for my years at King’s and for many years I returned for special events, including the wonderful Advent Carol Service.’