Revd Michael Crow

Devout Church of England Vicar and dedicated family man, the Revd Michael Crow (Theology, 1963), has passed away.

Michael loved saints and art icons and further deepened his faith in the Parish of Markyate, Hertfordshire – where he served for many years. He took an interest in anchoress (someone who lives a solitary life to pursue a life of prayer) Christina of Markyate and visited St. Petersburg to see Christina’s artefacts. He so long desired to work alongside my nephew – a musical scholar at King’s – to produce a musical on Christina of Markyate’s life. My father mentored many up-and-coming priests, including Anglican Bishop of Newcastle, Christine Hardman.

Michael chose to leave us in the early morning of 5 December – a time when he would be making a cup of tea and saying his prayers. Incidentally, this allowed us to tell friends and family of his passing so that churches worldwide would have many praying for him and his family as he arrived in heaven. I can imagine him grabbing St Peter’s arm and saying: ‘Hark at that St Peter, do you see all that’s going on down there?’

All in all, Michael was an extraordinary, larger-than-life man, friend, father and grandfather.

(Thank you to Revd Michael Crow’s daughter, Susanna Crow, for providing this obituary.)